Working with An Abdominal Belt To obtain a Washboard 6-pack stomach

smart abs muscle trainerModern abdominal muscles belts promise a flat stomach without training. We analyzed and compared smart abs muscle trainer for you. We answer inquiries like: What in the event you look for when ordering? Which units and techniques is there? How does indeed such a belt function? Which training program is well suited for beginners? Our big belly belt test offers you the answers.

The technology – What is EMS and TENS

The current abs muscle belts use two different procedures:

EMS – the electrical muscle tissue stimulation (or as well: electromyostimulation) activates the musculature through electric impulses. An electrode is certainly applied directly to the muscle. Just about all abdominal girdles utilize this approach. EMS is suitable for training supplementation, muscle mass building and massage. Many gyms offer exceptional EMS training. Through the training, you wear a particular suit, via that your current pulses will be forwarded. The exercises happen to be done as the impulse is approaching. This increases the pure contraction of the muscle tissues and thus the training effect.

TENS – Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation EMS works with electrical impulses that will be transmitted to the body via an electrode. In TENS, it really is about the pain relief and is accordingly used generally in the medical field. The impulses will be directed particularly with high frequency to the unpleasant area and generally there they offer for a counter-discomfort of the nerves. This considerably alleviates the soreness or completely gets rid of it. TENS can be used to break down nerve blocks and acupuncture-like lean muscle stimulation.

The belly belt – Advantages

Among the best arguments for a stomach belt is the time savings. The belt can be used eg while cooking or at night in front of the TV. Of course, this is not possible with correct physical training.

The advantages:

saves considerable time


can be used by the way

Tight and defined abdomen through electrical lean muscle stimulation

very good teaching supplement

The abdominal belt – That’s how it operates

Most abdominal belt work on the basic principle of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS). The abs lean muscle belt produces hardly perceptible electric impulses, which happen to be transmitted via electrodes to the muscle areas to get stimulated. The afflicted areas need not be actively shifted themselves.

During schooling or activity, nerve impulses activate the musculature, which agreements and thus “activates”. This contraction of the muscles makes movement conceivable in the first place and, with regular training, escalates the size of the corresponding muscle tissue.

In an electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) via an abdominal belt, the muscle tissue aren’t stimulated by nerve impulses of the brain, but by low stimulation current. This guarantees an all natural contraction and relaxation of the muscles fibers, comparable to an stomach training.

An active training cannot completely replace this technique, nonetheless it can especially support it – specifically during rest intervals. The EMS can make your muscle tissues grow through frequent use. Likewise, the basal metabolic rate (calorie consumption) is increased.