Firefox crashes Windows 10: Critical bug found in the browser

A dangerous script for the Mozilla browser Firefox can cause serious damage under Windows 10, as the security researcher Sabri Haddouche now found out. He recently reported a malicious script that crashed Safari and Chrome browsers.

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Security researcher Sabri Haddouche has detected a malicious script in the Mozilla Firefox browser, which crashes the browser when executed.

Only a few days ago , the explorer in the rendering engine of the Safari browser and in Google Chrome had discovered similar bugs that would crash the browser and even the entire PC system in seconds. From the now discovered Firefox problem apparently all Firefox versions since Firefox 57 (“Quantum”) are affected. Also the newest, stable version of the browser 62.0.2. is no exception here.

To enable the script, the security researcher has created a specially crafted website. If you click on these, this will generate files with a very long name in intervals of a few milliseconds. This flooding communication between Firefox instances – ultimately causing the browser to crash.

Windows 10: Users report system crashes

For users of Mac or Linux, the haunt is over at this point: You only see the well-known Firefox crash message – but can restart the browser shortly after normal.

Some Windows users report that in their case even the entire PC system crashed and had to reboot.

For reasons unknown until now, users of the mobile Firefox browser (Android and iOS) are spared the crashes and blue screens. The security researcher has reported the error to Mozilla . However, the developer can not yet offer a patch for the problem.

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